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Besides of our products, which you can see on the page Products, we're offering the following services:
Software development
Working with good and effective software allows to optimize and accelerate excution of various tasks, avoid many errors of manual input and data checking operations. Not all of the software products, that's usually using, meets the cases of it's users. Many of the existing software don't takes into account a specificity of some activities. It make this products not very comfortable to use and reduces efficiency of it's using.
We're creating highly efficient software products, which fully meets the cases of it's customer and takes into account the specificity of his work. After the development ends we can teach your employees on using of this software. Property rights will be fully transfered to the customer. Short times, acceptable prices, tech-support.
Web-sites development
Web-site is the office of your company in the Internet. It allows your clients to have latest and always actual information about your organization at first hand. In addition, existing of the web-site increases the known of your company. By using the web-site your clients can get to know about your services, order it via the web-site or contact you.
We're offering to create web-sites, from simply web-pages to difficult dynamical content. Design, creation, promotion and support of web-sites.
Data bases
Data base designing
Using of the databases in many of companies was long ago come to normal, be cause databases allows to store large amount of data, query, search and filter data with many criteria, automatically update data, that is recerenced by the various sources. To efficiently store and use data in the database, you must study and analyze the sphere, in which you are working. Efficiency and speed in working with data depends on completeness of analyzed information, quality of analysis and extent of optimality of created database.
We're offering the services of study and analisis of your working sphere, database designing and optimization.
You can contact us on the matters of our services by using our contacts