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Vecspo Kostroma (full edition)

System's description
Vecspo Kostroma - electronic information system, which includes scalable scheme of Kostroma city and reference book about organizations in Kostroma.
By using Vecspo Kostroma you are able to simply & quickly find on the city scheme necessary street or building (house), find out, which organizations can be found in concrete building, have an comprehensive information about many organizations in Kostroma and find necessary of them by using fast search functions with various criteria.
Employees of companies, that works in Kostroma city, can add information about their company by filling out a form.
Vecspo Kostroma have a feature to update city scheme data, information about organizations and program's files. Well considered update mechanism allows to download only changed data, instead of downloading all the data each time. This reduces size of updates, shrinking it to some kilobytes. Only updates, that will change program's version, will have a larger size.
Vecspo Kostroma is available in two editions: Vecspo Kostroma Lite and full.
Vecspo Kostroma Vecspo Kostroma 
Main features of Vecspo Kostroma
  • scalable vectorial scheme of Kostroma city, on which you can select each building separately to have information about organizations, located in it
  • street search by first letters of it's name
  • search and filtration of organizations by name, phone number, address and other criteria on users choose
  • organizations are grouped in categories, each of them have it own icon, visible on city scheme. Category filtration allows to quickly hide on city scheme that organizations, in which the user is not interested at the moment
  • program's update performs from the program itself, that saves the user from select, download and install the updates manually. Updates have a small size
  • No advertising inside
Vecspo Kostroma (full edition)
Full edition of Vecspo Kostroma brings to the user all features, described above. It' is not free and work of it's functions become available after it's registration in our database. Till this moment it works exactly like the Lite edition. To register the full edition of Vecspo Kostroma you must buy registration code, which must be specified during the registration process. More about registration...

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