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  • 31.12.2011 - Happy New Year!
  • 04.11.2011 - we suspend providing our commercial services and selling of Vecspo Kostroma
  • 23.06.2011 - today VecspoSoft is 2 years old!
  • 31.12.2010 - Happy New Year!
  • 23.06.2010 - today VecspoSoft is 1 year old!
  • 19.05.2010 - released new versions of Vecspo Kostroma and Vecspo Kostroma Lite - 1.1!
  • 10.03.2010 - new version of ShotTheScreen has been released.
    We are sorry for long delay in our activity - it's because of high workload while developing web-sites for our customers. But we are trying to find time to develop new products and improve the existing ones, new versions of our products with extended functions will be released shortly
  • 30.12.2009 - Happy New Year!
  • 23.11.2009 - Our products ShotTheScreen and ChaMa has been awarded by
  • 17.11.2009 - new version of Vecspo Kostroma has been released. Now it is 1.0.3
  • 28.10.2009 - new product has been released - ChaMa - program for changing many files
  • 02.10.2009 - One more our product - PVReminder - has been awarded by
  • 01.10.2009 - Our product BuSetu has been awarded by
    New version of BuSetu released
  • 23.09.2009 - new version of Vecspo Kostroma has been released
  • 18.09.2009 - our new product has been released - BuSetu - program for building installers
  • 21.08.2009 - now our site has an english version. Selection of appropriate language occurs automatically, but you can also set it manually by using buttons with flag images in the right part of the site's header.
    Upgraded versions of ShotTheScreen and PVReminder has been released: now they supports automatic switch to the english language.
  • 12.08.2009 - feature to comment our products has been added: go to the Products, select some product (with the button More info...) and fill down the form, which is placed below the product's description
  • 11.08.2009 - some changes in the internal structure of the site. If you have any bookmarks to our site, please, change it's addresses to new pages
  • 26.07.2009 - released updated versions of Vecspo Kostroma and Vecspo Kostroma Lite. Now both of them have version 1.0.1.
    The users of full edition of Vecspo Kostroma, as always, can download this updates by using program's integrated features
  • 10.07.2009 - our site now fully works on PHP.
    New product has been released - PVReminder (version 1.1)
    Upgraded ShotTheScreen is now available. Now it's version is 1.0.1
  • 30.06.2009 - our site exists only a week and our second product is already released - ShotTheScreen
  • 23.06.2009 - web-site "VecspoSoft" is now opened and our first product - Vecspo Kostroma information system has been released
Christmas tree We wish all visitors of our web-site and users of our software a merry Christmas and happy New Year!
Have a nice holidays and a perfect year, be happy and see many new and interesting things around you!
We at VecspoSoft will do our best and create new software to make your life easier!
We temporarily suspend providing our commercial services and selling of Vecspo Kostroma.
We decided to focus on development of our new ideas and don't want to be distracted. By the end of this year we expect return to active life. Our products ShotTheScreen and ChaMa has been awarded by Editor with the 5-star Rating Our products PVReminder and BuSetu have been awarded by Editor Team with the Top Software Award
Vecspo Kostroma Box Vecspo Kostroma - electronic information system, which includes scalable scheme of Kostroma city and reference book about organizations in Kostroma.
By using Vecspo Kostroma you are able to simply & quickly find on the city scheme necessary street or building (house), find out, which organizations can be found in concrete building, have an comprehensive information about many organizations in Kostroma and find necessary of them by using fast search functions with various criteria. More...