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Program's description
Did you ever have a need to make something on large number of files? For example, to rename resembling files or replace text in them, convert them to another format? If yes, then ChaMa is for you.
ChaMa can:
  • rename files: input common file name and a number to start file's numeration to give resemble names to resemble files. You also can change extension of selected files
  • lower/upper case file names
  • replace text: specify a text to search and a text, which must replace a text being searched, and ChaMa will quickly replace text in selected files
  • convert graphic files to another format: choose a format, in which selected images or photos must be converted, and ChaMa will convert selected files, automatically detecting source's format
  • rotate and mirror images: just pick graphic files and conversion type (rotation degree or mirroring direction)
  • replace colors: if you have a need to replace some color with another in many files, just pick needed colors and give ChaMa files to change
ChaMa has following awards:
5 stars
ChaMa is free to use and demands no installation and registration.
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