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Icon of Vecspo Kostroma (full edition)
Vecspo Kostroma (full edition)
Full edition of Vecspo Kostroma includes scalable scheme of Kostroma city and reference book about organizations in Kostroma.
Icon of Vecspo Kostroma Lite
Vecspo Kostroma Lite
Lite edition of Vecspo Kostroma is free to distribute and use, not demands the registration and installation, but have some restrictions.
Icon of ChaMa
Program to change many files with few clicks.
Icon of BuSetu
Program for building installers. Installer can create folders, files, shortcuts, registry entries.
Icon of PVReminder
Program for reminding about some things. Can show a message, play an alarm sound, open a file. Have a feature to turn off computer at specified time.
Icon of ShotTheScreen
Program that takes screenshots, saving it in various graphical formats.